christos chryssopoulos


One sunny Sunday [window of parliament] the people start coming down [window of parliament] in the early morning from the suburbs towards Syntagma. They are all holding american, soviet and [lamp post] british flags. I go up [three windows of parliament] Mitropoleos st. from Monastiraki, running late, and as soon as I pass the church I hear [ faced with tyranny the people choose either enslavement or the arms of the Greek Liberation Front] the first [ledge] shots being fired from Syntagma. In a few moments, [two women standing] hysterical female screams are heard and then [man with glasses] angry male ones, and [outpost of the royal guard] someone [a woman demonstrator on her knees, holding a banner] says to me fiercely: “you get the hell out, youngster!”. I take the [youthful] advice and break into a run because there is a [banner] large crowd coming down of panicky demonstrators, with [man with glasses] some of them yelling, others cursing [seated man holds a flagpole] and others in tears. Outcome of a totally cowardly [lowered greek flag] assault by the Royal Palace: [asphalt] 28 dead and 140 injured.

Five minutes to three, [apartment building] four to, I see [trolley cable] suddenly the turret turning in the opposite direction, whereas it had been facing the entry to the Polytechnic. Not only that, but [lamp] it also reversed [ kiosk]. Immediately afterwards [armored vehicle] it went up [kiosk] on the pavement across the street, gunned its engines [searchlight beam] and at full throttle went and struck [firearm] the main [three men in uniform] entry of the Polytechnic. The gate didn’t give in at once (man in uniform and man in civilian clothes]. But the students perched [signal box] to the left and right on the gate, [tracks] did fall. The dangerous bit was that behind the gate there were [pavement turn] many students”.

They first appeared [helmet] publicly on the 25th March parade of 1975 [streetlight] and a while later [street] they were used [man] for the first time, specifically in clashes between construction workers who were striking and police (policeman’s cap] in July of 1975. Since then [armature of vehicle] their activity in comparable circumstances has been [wheel] most extensive, also supporting the personnel of the Order Restoration Unit, [extended tear gas ejector] established two years later [man] in 1978. Following certain bloody [helmet] incidents that took place in subsequent years, [helmet] the tactical use [police] of armored vehicles in demonstrations was reappraised [turret] and henceforth [turret] they took up as their main mission [turret cover] the guarding [streetlight] of critical facilities and infrastructure. Since then, two to three Roland or/and Grenadier vehicles were permanently deployed in almost [tear gas ejector] all of the country’s international [ crypt] airports (besides, during that period the phenomenon of airplane hijacking was at a peak). Yet another vehicle [wheel] of the same type was [wheel] permanently stationed at the Korydallos prison grounds, while their deployment in assignments of crowd control was significantly restricted.

The court [ceiling overlaid with tiles of white color] was not convinced that this defendant caused by [metal airconditioning vent traverses the ceiling at a right angle] any means the decision of the directors of Public Utility Companies to commit the actions in question ascribed to them, nor also [lighting spot] that he abetted in any way [two policemen] the said actions. Besides, [seated counsel] the publishers who have testified [wooden table bearing stacks of papers and notes] vaguely [two defendants seated] that A.P. is also criminally responsible have answered to relevant questions that were put to them and have procured no specific evidence from which it would transpire [small closed leather suitcase – folder with golden legs, resting on the edge of the table] that the above defendant had given [empty wooden table] instructions to the directors of public organizations to deposit their available capital at the Bank of Crete. Moreover, there has been no evidence presented to support that [black leather folder with golden lock and a handle, resting on the floor] the former prime minister was cognizant of the embezzlements which Georgios Koskotas was practising during [arm of microphone] the critical time period of January 19 to October 19, 1988, when he was misappropriating the deposits at the [empty wooden desk-table] Bank of Crete.

Everything began [flag] with an unconfirmed rumor. That the Spanish Indignados raised a banner that bore the words [three windows] “shhhh, be quiet, the Greeks are asleep”. This rumor became the occasion for the most massive [three windows] post-dictatorship mobilization to take place [three windows] in Greece. The greek movement of the “Indignants”, although it contributed to a radical shift in political [three windows] interrelations, did not lead to a [umbrella] discernible political platform [colonnade] like it did in Spain. It did, nevertheless, [thumbs down] sow the seed for the creation [thumbs down] of mechanisms of the greek society’s self-defence. The experiment of [thumbs down] the popular assemblies gave birth [thumbs down] to solidarity movements [thumbs down] and set [thumbs down] in motion [thumbs down] unprecedented processes of participation [thumbs down] in the [thumbs down] public sphere.

The public prosecutor immediately afterwards posited the crucial question of whether the firing of that shot constitutes an overeaching on the part of Melistas of the bounds of self defence. “Can the accused claim that at that moment he was acting [young man fallen on his back on the pavement with his legs open and the left arm spread away from the body. The right arm is near the torso, he is wearing a denim vest, black and white checkered shirt and black scarf, black jeans and white sports shoes] under the influence of fear and agitation so that he may evade accountability for his action?” mr. Zagoreas queried in the course of his plea. And providing the answer himself [shadow from the flash of a camera] he said: “I think not. In a state of rage he fired a shot and … come what may, is what he thought. This however is to exceed the bounds of self defence. Therefore, the previous court correctly determined and decided …”

The motorcyclists of the greek police were proving that [crowd of randomly mixed men in uniform and civilians] in addition to [paper wing] beating people up they could also do acrobatics on their motorcycles (human pyramids [a navy officer and a sailor flank an infantryman] et. al. always holding [marine with helmet looks to the left] the flag with the bird) and accelerate through burning hoops. The men of the special forces were [aviation officer at attention with feeet tightly together and cap lowered over his eyes] sparring or doing physical exercises. Occasionally they dropped down in parachutes. But the best part [raised pyramid-shaped platform covered by a flower arrangement in two colors] had to do with the ancient Greeks, the Byzantines and the freedom fighters of 1821. With the armaments, where Greece stood wreathed and wearing [meander] its [meander] chiton [meander] always [meander] in front [meander] of the [meander] “Bird”. With the battles between Greeks and Trojans around the Trojan Horse. With the marches of Great Alexander’s spear-bearing Persians. With the women of Hepeiros ladden with ammunition climbing [wheel] mountains made of [wheel] plywood.

To this national mission [chandelier] the government will devote [clerical hat] at an initial stage [photographic camera] its energies. For this reason, it has neither party affiliation nor political character. It has a character that is clearly [microphone] national. When, God’s willing – and I hope it will be rather soon – [politician rests right hand on the Bible] the national issue will have been confronted [microphone] which [ army man standing with hands crossed in front of his pubis] is sunderring Hellenism through and through, the [epaulet] government [archbishop holds notes which he reads looking at those present] strengthened and with its powers renewed, [candle flame] will take up the most pressing issues of the land. And the paramount one among those is the rapid coining of a process that will lead [unknown man] to the founding of a true and progressive democracy [hand touches the Bible] within whose framework [candlestick holder] all Greeks will have a place.