vassilis amanatidis


on scale, size,

origin and habitation

1. [ fire ]

At ease


at ease


at ease


at semi






I say memory


at semi







full grace

do commence

2. [ lappas: and thus conjoined in a fashion but all mixed

together ]

here are some

gigantic portions: the

enormous pieces of a whole that1

(nose ears and op-

posable thumbs tongue one

arm and an eyelid a hoove

there calves and wher_)

but here too some mini


miniscule bodies undivided

(the unitaries of slightest size, the

itty bitty undismembered, yes,

some tiny wee full ones)

So here: the big ones that in part

(there, look a member paris2 )

So here also: the wholesome little ones

(look, there ’tis, a part3 )

and neither on one hand nor on the other

only ever conjoin-4 from this seeing that and

also this tactility but also

as if ever so sweetly saying to one another for5

3. [ and as if we are saying to one another: ]

– It is impossible for my whole to fill your partiality.

– My partiality violates you. Never will it fit in you.

– I’m ill at ease. My whole will always leave in you an enormous void.

– I’m ill at ease. My partiality is far too enormous to be lacking.

– At least we are the same height give or take.

– Your finger is me divided by a hundred. That is times by

– You are only finger. That is dis

– comfitting. You are only whole. That is dis

– comfitting. You are o

4. [ the blind mother to Little Alexander ]

Again you are late? Again you don’t see me? You’re lucky I can’t see you either any more. Or anyone. Even though nothing escapes me. But you, neither seeing nor hearing me for seven years now… A coup d’ état! I have been subjected to a coup d’ état: unseen and unheard of. Who? Me for you! You have become my seven years – a dictatooor! You. Of blind ears and mind and eyes as well. But blind only with me. Why? And it was you long ago who used to call me a dictator … Me! Did I not love you? Didn’t I ever? Me who more-than-life-itse…

5. [ family history: safety distance ]

All men are live-in inlaws, father saw this phrase in his sleep. At another time he thought of his pastures. He lived in them, at the village, till 17. Then he came and got in here, all of him. He is doing alright, does not complain, it is a happiness, he feels whole and pellucid. For 25 years he could not bear anyone. He had locked himself in his room, writing an Ode to Alexander the Great. He smoked, only ever smoked and wrote for 25 years. He liked it that the Great was great and died young as well. The great died at the age at which father married. Also, Alexander was fair, grand, a visionary like a true Greek. He killed with ease and he made this seem easy. Blood is glorious to Alexander, I believe father often sees this phrase in his sleep. Now his Great Son is called Alexander the Great, and the little one Alexander the Little. There are seven years between them. This is a sufficient safety distance in time. Mother is called Alcmene. She is always Hercules’ mother but that too is always another story. I am the little one.

1. the other?

2. hioner

3. icle

4. asunder

5. give me